<p><b>A–C</b>. In control larvae at 5 dpf, <i>sox10-GFP</i> cells are tightly organized along the PLL nerve (<i>nbt-dsred</i>). <b>D–F</b>. Double morphant <i>PrP2/p53</i> displayed an enlarged PLL nerve (with defasciculated axons, arrows) and rounded Schwann cells (arrowheads). <b>G–G</b>′. In 5 dpf larvae MBP labeling is observed in close apposition to <i>sox10-GFP</i> cells and formed a homogeneous line. <b>H–H′</b>. MBP labeling is altered and partially missing while Schwann cells are disorganized. <b>I–I′</b>. At 7 dpf, control larvae display tightly and regularly organized <i>sox10-GFP</i> positive cells. <b>J–K′</b>. In <i>PrP2/p53</i> morphants (J–J″), loosened Schwann cell processes are observed (arrows) as well as rounded cells (arrowheads) in <i>PrP2</i> morphants (K–K′). Results obtained from five independent experiments (n = 160 embryos).</p

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