Vβ5 transgene skews expression of Vα2 from CD4 to CD8 subset, but Vα3.2 skews to CD8s with or without Vβ5 transgene.


<p>(A) LN cells from B6 mice (WT), <i>Tcra</i><sup>−/−</sup> mice transgenic for Vα2 and Vα3.2 miniloci, with or without transgenic rearranged Vβ5, were gated for Vα2 or Vα3.2 expression to show the assortment of cells to CD4 or CD8 subpopulations. FACS plots representative of >10 mice per genotype. (B) shows the CD8∶CD4 ratio of peripheral T cells from mouse strains expressing all the potential combinations of transgenes used here: Vα2 and Vα3.2 miniloci individually or together, and rearranged Vβ5 transgene. Data represent 8–17 mice per genotype.</p

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