Vα3.2-expressing T cells are more frequent than Vα2-expressing cells in dual α-chain minilocus mice.


<p>(A) Vα2, Vα3.2 and Vβ5 expression in lymph node T cells from B6 mice (WT), <i>Tcra</i><sup>−/−</sup> mice transgenic for Vα2 or Vα3.2 miniloci, <i>Tcra</i><sup>−/−</sup> mice transgenic for both Vα2 and Vα3.2 miniloci, and <i>Tcra</i><sup>−/−</sup> mice transgenic for Vα2 and Vα3.2 miniloci plus the rearranged Vβ5 gene. FACS plots representative of >10 mice per genotype. (B) Ratio of Vα3: Vα2-bearing T cells in CD4 and CD8 peripheral T cell subsets in the mice strains described in (A). Data represent >10 mice per genotype.</p

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