Immunization with the <i>emrA1</i> mutant results in minimal weight loss, rapid bacterial clearance, and histopathological lesions in lung, liver and spleen.


<p>C57BL/6 mice were immunized i.n. with 1×10<sup>6</sup> CFU of the <i>emrA1</i> mutant. Mice infected with equal numbers of wild type <i>Ft</i> LVS were used as controls. <b>(A)</b> The immunized mice were weighed at the indicated times post-immunization to track the progress of infection. <b>(B)</b> On days 1, 5, 7, 14 and 21 post-immunization, mice (n = 4 per group/time point) were euthanized and bacterial burdens were quantified in their lung, liver and spleen. Bacterial counts in organs are expressed as Log<sub>10</sub>CFU/mL. The <i>P</i> values were determined using one way ANOVA. *<i>P<0</i>.<i>05; **P<0</i>.<i>01; ***P<0</i>.<i>001</i>. <b>(C)</b> Excised lungs, livers and spleens were preserved in 10% formalin, paraffin embedded, sliced into 5 μM thin sections and stained with Hematoxylene & Eosin. Stained sections were observed for histopathological lesions under a light microscope (Magnification 100×). # = <i>Ft</i> LVS infected mice succumbed to infection.</p

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