CRISPR loci and cas genes encoded by <i>T</i>. <i>thermophilus</i> HB27.


<p>A, Schematic representation of CRISPR loci and <i>cas</i> genes encoded on mega-plasmid pTT27 and the <i>T</i>. <i>thermophilus</i> HB27 chromosome. Encoded protein and KEGG annotation are given below each gene. Note that size of illustrated genes do not correspond to their actual size. CRISPR loci with type I and III repeats are colored gray and black, respectively. Repeat types are based on [<a href="" target="_blank">28</a>] and should not be confused with CRISPR-Cas Types [<a href="" target="_blank">29</a>]. Transp: Transposase. Hyp: Hypothetical protein. B, Characteristics of CRISPR loci encoded by <i>T</i>. <i>thermophilus</i> HB27. Fold change in CRISPR RNA levels is shown for HB27+P compared to HB27.</p

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