Immunization with <i>emrA1</i>-mAb complexes improves the extent of protection against <i>Ft</i> SchuS4 challenge.


<p><b>(A)</b> C57BL/6 mice (n = 10 per group) immunized i.n. with 1×10<sup>6</sup> CFU of the <i>emrA1</i> mutant-mAb immune complexes. On day 42 of the primary immunization mice were challenged i.n. with 32 CFU of <i>Ft</i> SchuS4. Age matched unvaccinated mice challenged with a similar dose of <i>Ft</i> SchuS4 served as controls. The survival results are expressed as Kaplan-Meier survival curves and P values were determined by Log-rank test. <b>(B)</b> The mice were weighed at the indicated times post-challenge to monitor the progression of infection. <b>(C)</b> The indicated <i>Ft</i> specific antibodies were determined in serum from immunized mice on day 14 post-immunization. The results are expressed as antibody titers.</p

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