Pre-exposure to cortisol suppresses acute GH signaling.


<p>The effect of cortisol and GH on IGF-1 mRNA abundance (A), STAT5 phosphorylation (B) and total JAK2 protein expression (C) in rainbow trout liver. Liver slices were pre-incubated with cortisol (100ng/ml; Sigma) or control media for 24 h and then stimulated with GH (100ng/ml or 1000ng/ml) for either 10 min (JAK/STAT) or 6 h (IGF-1). Values are plotted as % no cortisol control and shown as mean ± S.E.M (n = 6 fish livers); different lower case letters denote significant treatment effects and interactions; different upper case letters denote overall GH effects between the control, 100 GH and 1000 GH groups; the inset shows overall cortisol effects (two way repeated measures ANOVA, p < 0.05).</p

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