<p>(A) Experimental scheme. HepG2 cells were serum starved with medium containing 0.5% FBS for 20 hours prior to CDCA (100 μM or indicated dose) treatment. 6 hours after CDCA treatment, the cells were exposed to 20%, 5% or 0.1% O<sub>2</sub> for the indicated hours. (B) Quantitative RT-PCR analyses of SHP mRNA. The expression level was normalized with the expression level of 18s rRNA. (C) Western analyses for SHP and β-actin. β-actin protein was detected as a loading control. Data shown are representative of three experiments (C) Quantitative RT-PCR analyses of carbonic anhydrase 9 (CA9), phosphoglycerate kinase1 (PGK1), endoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductin 1-like (EROL1), lysyl oxidase (LOX), prolyl 4-hydroxylase, alpha peptide 1 (P4HA1). a, <i>p</i> ≤ 0.1; b, <i>p</i> ≤ 0.05; c, <i>p</i> ≤ 0.01; d, <i>p</i> ≤ 0.001; e, <i>p</i> = 0.197; f, <i>p</i> = 0.724.</p

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