Heat map showing expression levels of <i>BraMPK</i> genes in the seedling leaves under abiotic stresses.


<p>Transcription levels of <i>BraMPAK</i> genes were determined by qRT-PCR with gene-specific primers under salt (200 mM NaCl), heat (37°C), cold (4°C), osmotic (10% PEG-8000), waterlogging, and wound stresses. The relative expressions (ΔΔCt) were compared to expressions in mock-treated samples, and used to create the heat map. Data represents a mean value of three repeats from three independent qRT-PCR assays. SS, HS, LS, OS, WL, and WS denote salt, heat, cold, osmotic, waterlogging, and wound stress treatments, respectively. Asterisk (*) on the right corner of number indicate the significant difference (<i>p</i>-value < 0.05) compared with mock-treated controls. The color scale represents the relative expression levels (red refers to up-regulation of gene expression, green to down-regulation of gene expression, and white indicates unchanged gene expression).</p

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