<p>The phylogenetic tree was generated by the NJ method with bootstrap analysis (1000 replicates) from the amino acid sequence alignment of MAPK protiens in <i>Arabidopsis</i>, <i>B</i>. <i>rapa</i>, rice, <i>Zea mays</i>, and other plants using MEGA 6.0 program. The tree was displayed with FigTree v1.4.0. Bootstrap values of >50% are denoted at the nodes. Plant MAPK proteins in the phylogenetic tree were clustered into four distinct groups (Groups A, B, C, and D). At: <i>A</i>. <i>thaliana</i>; Bra: <i>B</i>. <i>rapa</i>; Cr: <i>Catharanthus roseus</i>; Gh: <i>G</i>. <i>hirsutum</i>; Md: <i>M</i>. <i>domestica</i>; Nt: <i>N</i>. <i>tabacum</i>; Os: <i>O</i>. <i>sativa</i>; Ps: <i>Pisum sativum</i>; St: <i>Solanum tuberosum</i>; Ta: <i>T</i>. <i>aestivum</i>; Zm: <i>Z</i>. <i>mays</i>.</p

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