Box and whisker plots of nitrate uptake velocity (ʋ<sub>f</sub>) in the buried and open reaches in Cincinnati, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland, as reported in Beaulieu et al. [20] and Pennino et al. [21].


<p>Literature data were derived from a recent survey of 72 streams spanning several biomes and land-use conditions [<a href="" target="_blank">16</a>]. Plots display 10<sup>th</sup>, 25<sup>th</sup>, 50<sup>th</sup>, 75<sup>th</sup>, and 90<sup>th</sup> percentiles and individual data points outside the 10<sup>th</sup> and 90<sup>th</sup> percentiles. Nitrate uptake velocity was 13 times greater in open than buried reaches (p<0.001, paired <i>t</i>-test).</p

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