<p>Dose/time resistance (endothelial stability) surfaces generated with ECIS are shown from 100 pM to 10 μM and from zero to 21 hours for: (<b>A</b>) D<sub>3</sub>; (<b>F</b>) 25(OH)D<sub>3</sub>; (<b>K</b>) 1,25(OH)<sub>2</sub>D<sub>3</sub>. Detailed time-responses are shown at 1 nM and 10 μM respectively for: (<b>B</b> and <b>C)</b> D<sub>3</sub>; (<b>G</b> and <b>H</b>) 25(OH)D<sub>3</sub>; and (<b>L</b> and <b>M</b>) 1,25(OH)<sub>2</sub>D<sub>3</sub>. Detailed dose-response are shown at 4 hours and 12 hours respectively for (<b>D</b> and <b>E)</b> D<sub>3</sub>, (<b>I</b> and <b>J</b>) 25(OH)D<sub>3</sub>, and (<b>N</b> and <b>O</b>) 1,25(OH)<sub>2</sub>D<sub>3</sub>.</p

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