<p>(A) mRNA-Seq data on β cell-specific mRNAs. The results show no significant change to INS1 or INS2 in the <i>KO</i><sup><i>Fe/-; Cre</i></sup> samples, while MAFA, GCG, and PC5 are increased by deletion ([<i>n</i> = 5], [18 mM <i>KO</i><sup><i>Fe/-; Cre</i></sup>, <i>p</i>-values ≤ 0.05]). mRNA-Seq expression fold changes were normalized relative to the 6 mM <i>WT</i><sup><i>Fe/+</i></sup> islet context. (B) Four-way Venn diagrams of <i>WT</i><sup><i>Fe/+</i></sup> versus <i>KO</i><sup><i>Fe/-; Cre</i></sup> islets during 6 mM versus 1 8mM glucose exposur<i>e</i> for 72 h. <i>Ire1α</i>-dependent mRNAs are in bold italics, while those also dependent on high glucose are in bold, italicized, and underlined font. At the center, bar graphs representing the <i>Ire1α</i>- and glucose-dependent trends of interest are labeled “Induction” and “Repression.” (C) Combined <b>DAVID</b> (the Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery) and “ConceptGen” GO analysis of <i>Ire1α-</i> and glucose-dependent mRNAs. Categories shown are specifically found in the genotype, while the shared categories have been omitted for simplicity, although no single mRNA was common between the groups. (D) Mass spectrometry of murine islets infected with <i>Ad-IREα-K907A (Ad-ΔR)</i> versus <i>Ad-β-Galactosidase</i> (<i>β-Gal</i>). Proteins with ≥5 unique peptides detected per protein increased or decreased upon infection in triplicate were analyzed for GO using ConceptGen and DAVID web resources (<i>n</i> = 3). The proteins shown (Fig 3D) exhibit the same expression dependence for IRE1α as measured by mRNA-Seq (<a href="http://www.plosbiology.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pbio.1002277#pbio.1002277.s002" target="_blank">S2 Data</a>).</p

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