Molecular evolution of scoloptoxins.


<p><b>a:</b> Fast Unconstrained Bayesian AppRoximation</p><p><b>b:</b> Sites detected as experiencing episodic diversifying selection (0.05 significance) by the Mixed Effects Model Evolution (MEME)</p><p><b>c:</b> Positively selected sites detected by the Bayes Empirical Bayes approach implemented in M8. Sites detected at 0.99 and 0.95 significance are indicated in the parenthesis</p><p><b>d:</b> number of sites under pervasive diversifying selection at the posterior probability ≥0.9 (FUBAR)</p><p><b>e:</b> Number of sites under pervasive purifying selection at the posterior probability ≥0.9 (FUBAR)</p><p><b>ω:</b> mean dN/dS</p><p>Molecular evolution of scoloptoxins.</p

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