Hyoid apparatus (A) and laryngeal cartilages (B) of the dhole.


<p>(A) Excised hyoid apparatus and larynx; overlying muscles partly reconstructed on the basis of macroscopic dissection. The thyrohyoid 'articulation' is established by a cartilaginous connection. (B) Left half of hyoid apparatus and laryngeal cartilages. The interarytenoid cartilage is intercalated between left and right arytenoid cartilage. A sesamoid cartilage supports the transverse arytenoid muscles at their dorsomedian fusion along the transverse furrow between the corniculate and medial processes of the arytenoid cartilages. Colours in (A): green = M. cricopharyngeus; blue = M. thyropharyngeus; red = M. thyrohyoideus; orange = termination of M. sternothyroideus; yellow = termination of M. sternohyoideus. ** in (B): thyrohyoid connection. (A) and (B): Left lateral view. Scale bar = 10 mm, respectively.</p

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