Intrinsic laryngeal muscles of the dhole (A) and position of lateral laryngeal ventricle (B).


<p>(A) Larynx after removal of the left cricothyroid muscle and the left half of the thyroid cartilage. Dorsal and lateral cricoarytenoid muscles and thyroarytenoid muscle exposed. The thyroarytenoid muscle is not divided into a rostral ventricularis and a caudal vocalis muscle. (B) Larynx after removal of its intrinsic muscles. Reconstruction of the thyroarytenoid muscle (black line, shaded in translucent red) shows how its wider ventral portion covers the ventral end of the cuneiform process and the ‘neck’ of the laryngeal ventricle rostrally. Contour of the cuneiform process indicated by faint black line. The vocal ligament marks position and angle of the medially located vocal fold. (A) and (B): Left lateral view. Scale bar = 10 mm.</p

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