Lateral laryngeal ventricle (A) and larynx (B) in red fox.


<p>(A) Artificially inflated pharynx and laryngeal ventricle after removal of the left half of the thyroid cartilage. The thyroarytenoid muscle is not divided into a rostral ventricularis and a caudal vocalis muscle. Its wider ventral portion covers the ‘neck’ of the laryngeal ventricle rostrally. (B) Mucous membrane relief of the larynx including the vocal and vestibular folds in the red fox. In (A): * = cricothyroid articulation; ** = temporomandibular articulation. Left lateral view; in (B): Mediosagittal section of pharynx and larynx of an unpreserved specimen, right half, medial view. Scale = 50 mm in (A) and (B), respectively.</p

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