"There are many possibilities how to spend a spring night...": About City Cipher Games Phenomenon


The presented Diploma Thesis deals with the phenomenon of city cipher games. Research was performed by the researcher participation in four city cipher games in Prague, by semi- structured and informal interviews and by cipher games web sites analysis It considers cipher games postmodern enjoyment which is characteristic for emphasizing an experience. The thesis is focused on two task groups: game and city. It examines city cipher games attributes, asks how players take the game and tries to realize the motivation for their participation. It shows that players undergo physical and intellectual exhaustion, discomfort and little hazard. Very strong experience connected with own limits' overcoming is the reason why they join the game again. Other essential reason is the unusual connection between a type of summer camp game and the city world. City is a coulisse with atmosphere for the game. Players experience the city in an unusual way. They learn to know it differently. They are undergoing a type of psychogeographic method. So the game not only takes benefits from the city but also creates players' relationships to the city. Players learn to know the city. It is important to mention that city and game are paramount arenas for freedom exerting

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