<p><b>(A)</b> Fluorescence microscopy of DenA-GFP subpopulations within vegetative hyphae located the protein in the nucleus (N), in the cytoplasm and there with a specific enrichment at septa (S). Control: wild type without GFP. <b>(B)</b> Bimolecular fluorescence studies (BiFC) of DenA (<i>denA</i>::<i>nyfp</i>) and DipA (<i>dipA</i>::<i>cyfp</i>) showed restricted interaction in the cytoplasm, at septa (S) and close to, but not inside nuclei (N). The septal and the nuclear regions are enlarged (white squares; scale bar: 1 μm). Control: strain co-expressing <i>denA</i>::<i>nyfp</i> and <i>cyfp</i>, respectively. <b>(C)</b> Dynamic co-transport of DenA-DipA between nuclei and septa in time lapse of bimolecular fluorescence strain <i>denA</i>::<i>nyfp</i>-<i>dipA</i>::<i>cyfp</i> over 170 seconds. White arrows mark a single interaction complex. <b>(D</b>) Time lapse microscopy over 110 seconds of <i>denA</i>::<i>nyfp</i>-<i>dipA</i>::<i>cyfp</i> with stained mitochondria (red) with a white arrow marking single DenA-DipA. Expressed <i>rfp</i>::<i>h2A</i> decorates nuclei, membranes were stained with FM4-64 and mitochondria with MitoTracker. Scale bar: 5 μm.</p

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