<i>dipA</i> gene locus and multiple alignment of its deduced metallophosphatase domain.


<p><b>(A)</b> Schematic view of the <i>dipA</i> (AN10946) gene locus, transcript (mRNA) and deduced DipA protein. White boxes correspond to three introns (I, II, III). The <u>m</u>etallo<u>p</u>hos<u>p</u>hatase domain (MPP) is highlighted in black and the domain of unknown function (DUF) in grey. <b>(B)</b> Multiple alignment of MPP consensus sequence (cl13995) with DipA from <i>Aspergillus nidulans</i> and related proteins from other organisms including <i>Aspergillus niger</i>, <i>Aspergillus oryzae</i>, <i>Penicillium roqueforti</i>, <i>Neurospora crassa</i>, <i>Ustilago maydis</i> and <i>Schizosaccharomyces pombe</i>. Asterisks: putative active site D51, H73 and D76 residues. Red: high (90%), blue: low (50%) consensus values [<a href="http://www.plosgenetics.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pgen.1005949#pgen.1005949.ref056" target="_blank">56</a>].</p

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