Sequence alignment of the N-terminal domains of pilin-specific sortases from various piliated Gram-positive species and LOGO motif analysis.


<p>(A) The alignment was generated using MUSCLE [<a href="" target="_blank">41</a>]. The so-called GYPSY motif is highlighted in yellow, with the tyrosine residue and the proline residue constituting the functional core of the motif. Residues with a partial degree of conservation within the GYPSY motif are shaded in light grey. The start methionine is highlighted in green. Protein sequences were obtained from public databases, as indicated in the text. In the table, the start of the three protein sequences marked with an asterisk (*) were re-analyzed in the present study. In addition, all sortase sequences excluding <i>E</i>. <i>faecium</i> SrtC4, <i>S</i>. <i>pneumoniae</i> TIGR4 SrtD and <i>S</i>. <i>agalactiae</i> 2603V/R sag0650 were analyzed using the MEME suite [<a href="" target="_blank">42</a>], resulting in the LOGO motif depicted in (B). Legend: blue, hydrophobic residue; green, polar, non-charged residue; magenta, acidic residue and red, positively charged residue.</p

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