Estimated continuous annual BCSM rates and hazard ratio of BCSM.


<p>A, B & C show estimated continuous annual BCSM rates. The solid line represents patients in cohort 1; the dashed line represents patients in cohort 2.D, E & F show differences of BCSM between patients in the two cohorts. Patients in C1 as reference, the absolute number of decreased BCSM rate (C2 minus C1).G, H & I show hazard ratio of BCSM (Cohort 1 versus cohort 2). Light grey shadows represent 95% CI of survival. HRs with 95% CIs were estimated from the flexible parametric survival models. Curves cut off at 0.5 yrs from diagnosis because of sparse data. Total population: A, D & G; ER negative: B, E & H; ER positive: C, F & I. Notes: Rates were reported per 1000 persons per year; y-axis scales were different in different analyses.</p

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