Topographic distribution of Brn3a+ RGCs in excitotoxically injured retina after brimonidine pretreatment.


<p>Isodensity maps showing the topographic distribution of Brn3a+ RGCs in a representative retina after NMDA injury pretreated with saline or brimonidine (BMD) at 7 days (A,C,E,G,I) and 14 days (B,D,F,H,J) post lesion. Experimental groups were: (A, B) Injections of saline + saline, (C, D) saline + 5 μg NMDA, (E, F) brimonidine + 5 μg of NMDA, (G, H) saline + 10 μg of NMDA, and (I, J) brimonidine + 10 μg of NMDA. The total number of Brn3a<sup>+</sup>RGCs of each retina is indicated for each map. BMD; brimonidine, D; dorsal, N; nasal, V; ventral, T; temporal.</p

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