<p>(a) Western blot analyses for S100A7 expression after TEAD1 silencing in normal attached HCC94 cells. (b) The mRNA expression of <i>TEAD1</i>, <i>CTGF</i>, <i>CYR61</i> and <i>S100A7</i> is examined using qRT-PCR. H: HCC94 cells. Error bar, SD of three different experiments. <i>*P<0</i>.<i>05</i>, **<i>P</i><0.01; <i>t-test</i>. (c, d) Overexpression of YAP-WT and mutant activated YAP-S94A in normal attached HCC94 (c) and FaDu (d) cells. Anti-Flag tag antibody was used to judge the transfection efficiency. β-actin was used as a loading control.</p

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