<p>(<b>A</b>) An engineered psiCheck2 vector (psiCheck-2-pd) for investigating the effect of 5’UTR and 3’UTR on reporter gene expression. TSS, transcription start site. (<b>B</b>) Experimental scheme of reporter assays in primary B cells. FACS plots show electroporation efficiency using a GFP-expressing plasmid. (<b>C,D</b>) Dual luciferase reporter assay to determine the effect of 5’UTR and 3’UTR on the reporter gene protein (luciferase activity) (<b>C</b>) and mRNA (qRT-PCR) levels (<b>D</b>). Closed and open circles indicate reporters with wild-type (wt) and mutated (mut) <i>CD69</i> 3’UTR, respectively. A comparison of renilla luciferase activity normalized to firefly luciferase activity (hRluc/Fluc) between psiCheck-2-pd containing mut and wt <i>CD69</i> 3’UTR reveals the sensitivity of the renilla luciferase mRNA (hRluc) to miR-17~92-mediated suppression. Results of normalized hRlcu/Fluc (n = 10) are from three independent experiments. Each experiment contained 3–4 replicates.</p

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