<p>(<b>A</b>) A hairpin structure in the <i>CD69</i> 5’UTR. (<b>B</b>) Ribosome accumulation in <i>CD69</i> 5’UTR correlated with miR-17~92 family miRNA expression levels. Note that the hairpin structure co-localizes with the ribosome footprint peak in the <i>CD69</i> 5’UTR. <i>Actb</i> was used as control. (<b>C</b>) Deletion of the miR-17~92 family miRNAs shifted <i>CD69</i> mRNA from light to heavy polysomes. (<b>D</b>) Increased <i>CD69</i> expression in TKO B cells was mainly due to translation de-repression. Experiments in <b>B-D</b> were performed with 25.5h activated B cells.</p

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