Schematic outline of the putative homolactic and heterolactic fermentative pathways in <i>L</i>. <i>ruminis</i>.


<p>Depicted is the glycolytic metabolism that can occur during homolactic fermentation via the Embden-Meyerhof-Parnas (EMP) pathway <b>(A)</b> or heterolactic fermentation via the phosphoketolase pathway (PK) <b>(B)</b>. Included are the various pathway reactions with their precursor metabolites and enzymes. Shown in the insets are the names of the glycolytic enzymes, either numbered (1–11) or alphabetized (a-e) along with the locus tags of their putative genes in the nine <i>L</i>. <i>ruminis</i> genomes. Enzymes that overlap in both pathways are numbered similarly.</p

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