Comparison among the <i>Artemisia scoparia</i> plants of three age classes in the contents of water-soluble carbohydrate (WSC) in the root components at different times.


<p>(A, root collars; B, 2-year old root; C, 3-year old root; D, average of same root components of the plants of three age class; In icon from A to C, the letter “a” is age class of the plants which is 1a, 2a, 3a; above the data column(mean±SE), different small letters mean significant difference(p<0.05), NS is no significant difference(p>0.05) in from A to C among three age classes; Am, average of root collars, Bm, average of 2-year old roots, Cm, average of 3-year old roots in D icon; the small letters or NS above the data column(mean±SE) are the same as the meaning from A to C in D among the root components).</p

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