Superimposition of the event-related potentials (ERP) (<i>paradigm 1</i>, grand averaged n = 8) corresponding to the presentation of the 3D-tunnel (blue) and checkerboard (red) patterns.


<p>Full scalp array of these ERP (128 electrodes, reference placed on the right earlobe)(center). The shaded areas indicate significant difference (<i>P</i> < 0.05, permutation test) in the ERP periods between the two conditions: pink, blue and green areas for P100, P200 and P300 periods, respectively. Recordings at the frontal locus (Fpz) highlighting N200 (top insert). Recordings at the occipital locus (Oz) highlighting P100 (left bottom insert). Recordings at the parietal locus (PPO6h) highlighting P300 (right bottom insert). The vertical lines indicate the stimuli onset. Calibration bar corresponds to 2 V, positivity up.</p

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