Superimposition of the event-related potentials (grand average, n = 8 subjects) evoked by the checkerboard (red traces) and the 3D-tunnel (blue traces) presentation recorded at the O2 electrode.


<p>A: The vertical arrow corresponds to image presentation (Checkerboard or 3D tunnel) highlighting the P100, P200 and P300 components. The lower raster line represents the statistical significance of ERP difference between the two conditions (<i>P</i> < 0.05, permutation test). B: Same display as in A, but here the vertical arrow indicates the presentation of the uniform gray image highlighting the P135 component. Note the occurrence of a sinusoidal profile in the delta frequency range. C: Scalp topographies of the power of delta oscillation (1Hz) corresponding to the checkerboard and the 3D-tunnel stimulation between 360 and 460 ms. Only the significant periods are illustrated and the significant electrodes (<i>P</i> < 0.05, permutation test) are displayed in the far right column.</p

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