<p>WT (W) and RM (r) cells containing <i>kinA</i>-SPA or <i>kinB</i>-SPA translational fusions at natural chromosomal loci were grown in LB (lanes 1–4) or sporulation-inducing DS medium (lanes 5–10) to mid-exponential (expo; OD<sub>600</sub> ∼ 0.5) or stationary (stat; OD<sub>600</sub>∼ 1.5) phases and analyzed for KinA and KinB proteins using ANTI-FLAG M2 monoclonal antibodies. Equal amounts of protein were loaded onto the gel as quantified by the Bradford assay. To control equilibrium between the samples, total protein extracts from cells with <i>kinB</i>-SPA fusion were analyzed for MreB protein using anti-MreB specific antibodies.</p

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