Oil-Repellent Antifogging Films with Water-Enabled Functional and Structural Healing Ability


Healable oil-repellent antifogging films are fabricated by layer-by-layer assembly of hyaluronic acid (HA) and branched poly­(ethylenimine) (bPEI), followed by immersion in the aqueous solutions of perfluorooctanesulfonic acid potassium salt (PFOS). The loading of PFOS endows the HA/bPEI films with oil repellency while maintaining its original hydrophilicity. The resulting films have an excellent antifogging ability, and various organic liquids can easily slide down the slightly tilted films (<10°) without any residue. Through water-assisted migration of PFOS and polyelectrolytes, oil-repellent antifogging films are able to repetitively and autonomously recover their damaged oil repellency and transparency caused by plasma etching, cutting, or scratching, prolonging their life span. The as-developed healable oil-repellent antifogging films have potential application as antifingerprint coatings for touch screens, antigraffiti coatings for signs and shop windows, and antifogging coatings for lenses, mirrors, and windshields

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