<p>A) Immuno-localization of host IgG in cysts obtained from the central nervous system and skeletal muscle of pigs. B) Immunoglobulins present in total protein extracts of cysts were purified using a Sepharose 4B column coupled with Protein G. C). The purity of the bound IgG was evaluated by SDS-PAGE and western blotting using an anti-pig IgG coupled to HRP. D) The antibody activity of purified IgG was evaluated by ELISA. Samples of <i>T</i>. <i>solium</i> vesicular fluid and insoluble fraction were used to coat 96 well microtiter plates. Afterwards, the purified IgG was incubated overnight at 4°C under slow agitation. Then, the antigen-antibody reaction was developed using a colorimetric method. E) Recognition of cysts proteins by the purified IgG through western blotting. Samples of <i>T</i>. <i>solium</i> vesicular fluid and insoluble fraction were resolved through SDS-PAGE and then transferred onto a nitrocellulose membrane. The purified IgG from cysts protein extracts was used as primary antibody (for comparison sera from cysticercotic pigs was also included) and an anti-pig IgG coupled to HRP was used as secondary antibody. Lower right panel shows the reaction with the secondary antibody alone as control.</p

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