Quantitative overview of phosphorylated peptides and proteins in <i>HeLa</i> cells following UV treatment.


<p>(A) Number of phosphorylated proteins and proteins’sites quantified in HeLa cells in response to UV treatment. (B) Distribution of identified phosphorylated peptides at Serine, Threonine and Tyrosine sites. (C) Distribution of phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated amino acids in secondary structure. (D) Comparison of phosphorylated peptides identified in this study (I) and Phospho.ELM database (II) (<a href="http://phospho.elm.eu.org/" target="_blank">http://phospho.elm.eu.org/</a>).Validation of phosphorylation sites in RPA1 (S38) and RFC3 (T76) by western blot. Plasmids with 3xFLAG-S38A or 3xFLAG-T76A mutation were transfected to HeLa cells and precipitated by M2 beads. The phosphorylation level between wildtype and mutant proteins were evaluated by western blotting using specific antibody.</p

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