<i>PR1</i> expression in plants inoculated by <i>ald</i> mutants and growth of <i>ald</i> mutants on SA-deficient <i>sid2-2</i> plants.


<p>A) <i>PR1</i> expression in Col-0 plants at 24 hrs following syringe infiltration (OD<sub>600</sub> = 1x10<sup>-5</sup>). Significant elevation of <i>PR1</i> expression in <i>aldA</i>-infected plants was observed in three independent experiments, and in two experiments for <i>aldB</i>-infected plants. B) Growth of <i>ald</i> single and double mutants on wild type <i>A</i>. <i>thaliana</i> (Col-0) and <i>sid2-2</i> mutant plants following syringe infiltration. Graph shows composite data from 4 independent experiments. Letters indicate significant difference between samples within a given time point (<i>p</i><0.02).</p

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