The gating properties of α4β3N–Flag–δ GABA<sub>A</sub>Rs.


<p>(<b>A</b>) GABA concentration-response curve for α4β3N–Flag–δ receptor mediated currents. Currents were elicited by application of varying concentrations of GABA (0.1–10 mM). Peak current amplitudes in each cell were normalized to that obtained with 10 mM GABA. (<b>B</b>) Representative current trace obtained by application of an 8.5 ms pulse of 100 μM GABA to measure the deactivation rate. (<b>C</b>) α4β3N–Flag–δ receptors are spontaneously open. (Left panel) Representative trace of outward currents observed by application of 2 mM Picrotoxin to inhibit the spontaneously open receptors. (Right panel) The estimate of the maximum inward currents obtained by co-application of 10 mM GABA with 10 μM Etomidate to gate all available receptors. The gray lines are drawn by eye to represent the baseline. At least three cells per concentration were used throughout experiments.</p

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