Proposal of a deterministic model to explain swimming performance.


Swimming is one of the most challenging sports to investigate. Since long, swimming practitioners base their decisions in scientific evidences. It is known that several scientific domains have a significant role in the swimming performance, such as the “Biomechanics”, “Physiology”, “Anthropometrics”, “Motor Control” and “Muscle strength and conditioning”. The nowadays trend in swimming research is the “Interdisciplinary assessment”, which is related to the “holistic approach”. In Sport Sciences, and especially in Biomechanics, a re-new interest also emerged in the last few years for the design and development of deterministic models. Merging both concepts (i.e., “holistic thinking” and “deterministic models”) there is a chance to expand a deterministic model for competitive swimming, including several other scientific domains besides the Biomechanics. With this it is possible to have a deeper understanding of the variables that determine swimming and how they interplay to enhance performance. The aim of this paper was two-folds: (i) to make a revision and an update of the state of the art about the relationships between swimming biomechanics with performance, energetics, anthropometrics, motor control, muscle strength and conditioning; (ii) to design the deterministic model of such relationships

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