Robust motion control of a robot manipulator via Integral Suboptimal Second Order Sliding modes


This paper deals with the formulation of an Integral Suboptimal Second Order Sliding Mode control algorithm oriented to solve motion control problems for robot manipulators, taking into account the presence of unavoidable modelling uncertainties and external disturbances affecting the systems. The proposed algorithm is designed so that the so-called reaching phase, normally present in the evolution of a system controlled via a Sliding Mode controller, is reduced to a minimum. Moreover, since the relative degree of the relevant system output is suitably augmented through the use of an integrator, the control action affecting the robotic system is continuous, with a significant benefit, in terms of chattering alleviation, for the overall controlled electromechanical system. The verification and validation of our proposal have been performed by simulating the motion control scheme relying on a model of the considered robot, i.e. a COMAU SMART3-S2 anthropomorphic industrial robot manipulator, identified on the basis of real data. © 2013 IEEE

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