A komplex, többszörösen összefüggő, átfedéses rendszerek kezelésének egy lehetséges megoldása a mindennapi menedzsment gyakorlatban


The study is showing the newest result of theoretical and practical work in the research and development of the author in theme Systemcoaching. Systemcoaching is a methodology developed by the author, to help the practical orientation and work of managers, leaders in the segmentation of multiple overlapped complex real systems. The methodology is built on the theoretical research of the model „Systems in Gross-Systems” (SGS) and on the practical development of an uncomplicated but robust method, named „Squares and Frames” (SnF). The Systemcoaching methodology has three stages: theoretical education for correct usage of the model, learning the steps of the method SnF and after it the standalone or mentor-guided applications by the managers in the daily life. The study highlights the newest development, the steps of the second stage

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