Outward FDI in Ireland and its policy context


Although starting from a very low base and initially insignificant when compared to the growth of Ireland’s inward foreign direct investment (FDI), Ireland’s outward FDI flows have steadily increased over time. In particular, the decade following 2000 saw a rapid rise in outward FDI flows from Ireland, with its stock growing from US28billionin2000toUS 28 billion in 2000 to US 324 billion in 2011. This reflects the remarkable growth of annual FDI outflows, from US5billionin2000toUS 5 billion in 2000 to US 27 billion in 2009, the latter representing the highest recorded value. The year 2004 marked Ireland’s emergence as a net direct investor for the first time in its history. With the global financial and economic crisis, Ireland’s outward FDI flows recorded declines in 2010 and 2011 from the record value attained in 2009

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