Mr. Acephalous: The procedure of the individual stop-motion animation


Using the individual stop-motion animation Mr. Acephalous as a sample, this paper explores the change and restructuring of the commercial animation design and production process to create an individual stop-motion animation. Usually, commercial stop-motion animation involves a mature team, adequate funding, an enhanced production system, high-quality craftsmanship, and large-scale production space. However, in the individual stop-motion animation production explored in this paper, the animators are independent, usually students or film enthusiasts, who are not working with the manufacturing conditions of typical commercial animation. Utilizing the basis of commercial stop-motion animation, the author combined the process and experience of stop-motion to animate the film. This involved integrating the production process and production case used in commercial animation for a student in an individual, stop-motion animation. The paper studies the application of commercial design and production methods in a personal, stop-motion animation to accomplish a reasonable planning and production process. The filmmakers’ creation process and production of content are recorded in detail, beginning with the creation of the project’s concept to actual production. At the same time, this work deeply discusses the project’s academic and ideological development

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