Studi Registrasi Point Cloud Pada Pemrosesan Data Terrestrial Laser Scanner (Tls) (Studi Kasus : Jembatan Gading Batavia, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara)


In measurement method by using Terestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) technology, registration process hugely affected in determining the quality of geometry model and the accuracy of data produced. If once the registration is good, the geometry shape and measurement dimension of an object observed will reflect the real condition and also data accuracy will pass tolerance accuracy that has been determined.In this research, Terrestrial Laser Scanner measurement method used for scrutinizing of Gading Batavia Bridge located on Gading Batavia street, Kelapa Gading, East Jakarta. Acquisition of the data processed with Leica Scan Station C10 whereas Cyclone Version 8.1 used as data processor. Acquisition of field data and data processing executed into two methods, target to target registration method and cloud to cloud registration method.This research results Gading Batavia Bridge model space for each measurement method. Both methods show different RMS score, 0.0015 m for target to target registration method and 0.009 m for cloud to cloud registration method. Examination of model space for each method executed by comparing the distance between the bridge of Electronic Total Station result. Average error term of the comparison the distance between the bridge through both methods are 0.00581m for target to target method and 0.0084 m for cloud to cloud method

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