Characteristics Of Purse‐cowpea Composite Flour Biscuits On Different Types Of Packaging During Storage


Purse (Xanthosoma sagitifolium) is one type of tubers that have the potential for an alternative as a foodsource. Innovation for product needs to be done to exploit the potential of the purse. One form of theproducts that can be an alternative is purse biscuit. It is expected that purse biscuit will have a higher economicvalue. To improve nutrition in high‐carbohydrate purse then added cowpea flour to increase theprotein content in biscuits. Based on this background, this study aims to determine the character of thepurse‐cowpea composite flour biscuits, as well as knowing the shelf life\u27s biscuits in various types of packagingmaterials. Results showed treatment‐selected purse‐cowpea composite flour in the composition 50%purse flour and 50% cowpea flour. While the flour formula to made biscuit products are selected on compositeflour of 60% purse‐cowpea flour and 40% wheat flour. While that\u27s flour formula have characteristics,namely: 2,790% Moisture content, 1,627% ash content, 50,080% carbohydrate content, 6,580% proteincontent, fat content 35,113%, and 210,030% raise power. Based various types of packaging(polypropilene plastic, polyethilene plastic, and aluminum foil) during product\u27s storage, the selectedtreatment results obtained using the storage of aluminum foil with a total expected value 7,06 with assessmentcriteria are moisture content, ash content, carbohydrate content, protein content, fat content, andTPC

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