L’Isteroscopia nel percorso diagnostico della coppia infertile: tra falsi miti e realtà


STUDY DESIGN: More than 72 million couple in the world are sterile and over half of them are looking for a cure for infertility. Nowadays the literature available is almost exclusively based on a population that has already started  a MAP path rather than in the early stages of diagnosis. Infertility evaluation and treatment is challenging both physically and psychologically for the couple and often suggesting an hysteroscopic exam affects negatively patients, especially for the incomplete or inadequate information received by the medical staff. RESULTS: We conducted a study on the population of the hysteroscopic office of the Gynecological Obstetrics Clinic of Sassari with the aim of improving information channels. There were 196 subjects between 25 and 45 years. 16% of patients reported lack of information received, but overall we observed a prejudice in almost all subjects about the pain during the examination. In the 41% of the patients, even if with a normal US, we found endometrial, cervical or, myometrial anomalies locally treated. CONCLUSION: Our data, albeit partial, show the technical feasibility and good compliance during the exam. Furthermore we observed that a a good agreement between the report and the histological examination, due to the continuous updating of the endoscopic staff, improve the patients-doctor relationship and the compliance to any treatment

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