Struktur Mikro Las Baja C-Mn Hasil Pengelasan Busur Terendam Dengan Variasi Masukan Panas


This research aims to study the effect of heat input of submerged arc welding on the microstructure of weld metal made from C-Mn steel. The study focused on the formation of acicular ferrite which could improve weld mechanical properties. The welding process was carried out using various heat inputs, i.e. 3.99 kJ/mm, 3.19 kJ/mm, 2.12 kJ/mm, and 1.77 kJ/mm. Microstructural examinations were performed using optical microscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM). Results show that the weld metal welded with heat input 2.12 kJ/mm produces more acicular ferrite than grain boundary and Widmanstatten ferrite. It is evident that this acicular ferrite nucleates on inclusions in the forms of SiO2, TiO, and Al2O3

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