X-Shooter observations of low-mass stars in the Eta Chamaeleontis association


The nearby Eta Chamaeleontis association is a collection of 4-10 Myr old stars with a disk fraction of 35-45%. In this study, the broad wavelength coverage of VLT/X-Shooter is used to measure the stellar and mass accretion properties of 15 low mass stars in the Eta Chamaeleontis association. For each star, the observed spectrum is fitted with a non-accreting stellar template and an accretion spectrum obtained from assuming a plane-parallel hydrogen slab. Five of the eight stars with an IR disk excess show excess UV emission, indicating ongoing accretion. The accretion rates measured here are similar to those obtained from previous measurements of excess UV emission, but tend to be higher than past measurements from H-alpha modeling. The mass accretion rates are consistent with those of other young star forming regions.Comment: Accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysic

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