Non-Hermitian Topological Theory of Finite-Lifetime Quasiparticles: Prediction of Bulk Fermi Arc Due to Exceptional Point


We introduce a topological theory to study quasiparticles in interacting and/or disordered many-body systems, which have a finite lifetime due to inelastic and/or elastic scattering. The one-body quasiparticle Hamiltonian includes both the Bloch Hamiltonian of band theory and the self-energy due to interactions, which is non-Hermitian when quasiparticle lifetime is finite. We study the topology of non-Hermitian quasiparticle Hamiltonians in momentum space, whose energy spectrum is complex. The interplay of band structure and quasiparticle lifetime is found to have remarkable consequences in zero- and small-gap systems. In particular, we predict the existence of topological exceptional point and bulk Fermi arc in Dirac materials with two distinct quasiparticle lifetimes.Comment: 5 pages, 3 figure

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