Non-data-aided frequency offset and symbol timing estimation for binary CPM: performance bounds


The use of (spectrally efficient) CPM modulations may lead to a serious performance degradation of the classical non-data-aided (NDA) frequency and timing estimators due to the presence of self noise. The actual performance of these estimators is usually much worse than that predicted by the classical modified Cramer-Rao bound. We apply some well known results in the field of signal processing to these two important problems of synchronization. In particular we propose and explain the meaning of the unconditional CRB in the synchronization task. Simulation results for MSK and GMSK, along with the performance of some classical and previously proposed synchronizers, show that the proposed bound (along with the MCRB) is useful for a better prediction of the ultimate performance of the NDA estimators.Peer ReviewedPostprint (published version

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