Space LOX vent system


The research of the program to design and build a prototype vent system capable of exhausting only vapor to space from an all liquid or two-phase mixture of oxygen, while operating under low or zero-gravity conditions is reported. Work performed during the detail design phase of the program was concerned with the finalization of vent system performance, development of component specifications, solicitation of vendor bids, selection of components and overall system package design. The compact system preliminary design defined for the comparisons was reviewed in light of a desirability to demonstrate complete tank mixing at one-g. Also, performance of the system at low-g conditions with a full tank and maximum temperature stratification or maximum pressure rise between vent cycles was investigated. It was found that under these extreme conditions, not previously considered, that use of a larger pump mixer than previously defined would be desirable. In addition, to simplify ground testing with only a small weight penalty, the exchanger vent pressure was increased from 5 psia to 22 psia nominal. This resulted in less than a 0.2% increase in system weight

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