Studi Deformasi Waduk Pendidikan Diponegoro Tahun 2016


According to SNI No. 1731-1989 dam is any artificial barrier, urugan type or any other type that can hold or store water both natural and artificial. In addition to benefits are very much dams also have a high risk because has the potential danger of collapse that could result in the loss of life and material losses, therefore it needs to be observed deformation to determine the condition of the dam.In this research will be observation of the deformation of Pendidikan Diponegoro dam, with GPS (Global Positioning System) observation methods will be observed of 9 monitoring points deformation (bench mark) spread around the body of the dam, the GPS observed data will be processing using scientific software GAMIT 10.6, deformation monitoring points were also observed changes in distance and height from the control points are placed outside the body of the dam, deformation observations carried out from April to June 2016, with twice the period of observation.The results of GPS observations during the observation period showed deformation monitoring points change the coordinate value with ranging from 0.06 cm to 1.4 cm for the X axis, 0.03 cm to 1.9 cm for the Y axis, and 0.4 cm to 1.3 cm for the Z axis. Distance and height changes based on total station and waterpass measurement during the observation period ranging from 0.09 mm to 1.7 mm and 0.15 mm to 1.8 mm. From the result of the dam deformation observation by GPS observation methods, total station, and waterpass shows deformation of the deformation monitoring points during the observation period, but based on the statistical test with 95% confidence level showed that there is no deformation of all the deformation monitoring points

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